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Q. Does Long World conduct estate sales? 

A. While Long World can conduct a formal estate sale, we often find that the most cost effective option is selling valuable and everyday items to individual buyers in our network. We are an especially good choice for Clients whose belongings do not match a typical estate sale company’s criteria. We are also able to arrange sales from condos or private communities that prohibit formal estate sales. Anything we can’t sell is donated. 

Q.  Does Long World work with Clients whose Loved Ones are still living? 

A. Yes, Long World can help Clients whose Loved Ones are moving as well as those who have passed away.

Q. My Loved One had hoarding disorder. Can Long World help?

A. Yes, Long World can help empty homes of lost Loved Ones who had hoarding disorder. Large collections of belongings and/or other alternative household environments do not intimidate us. Rehoming items of value is one of our specialties.

Q. Our family wants to hire Long World to empty a Loved One's house, but we do not have the funds to pay the fee upfront. Can we pay Long World after we settle his estate?

A. Long World is not able to pay the upfront costs associated with putting a home to rest. We can only begin jobs that are fully funded before the scheduled start date.

Still wondering if Long World can help? Contact us. 

No-fee, no-commitment consultations are also available by Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime.

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