Q. I am in the process of moving my Aunt from her home to a nursing facility and need help. Does Long World work with Clients whose Loved Ones are still living? 

A. Yes, Long World can help Clients whose Loved Ones are moving as well as those who have passed away. Contact us, and we can get started right away. 

Q. My husband and I wondered if we could pre-arrange a home closure for the future. This way, our grown children won't need to worry about emptying our home after we pass away. Is this possible? 

A. Yes. For families who wish to plan ahead, Long World can pre-arrange moves for years down the road. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this service. 

Q. My uncle passed away in his Colorado condo yesterday. I am his only living relative but am based in Chicago. I can't travel to Colorado to settle all of his affairs right now. I need someone to travel to his home ASAP to collect a few documents, throw away perishables in his house, and transport his dog to me. Can Long World help?

A. Long World is happy to help with small jobs (24 hours or less), too. Contact us for an estimate.

Q. My Loved One’s home is in disrepair. Because we plan to sell it as is, we do not need the Long World Facilitator to make any repairs. We do, however, need to tie up various loose ends, which should take three days or so. Can a Facilitator travel to my Loved One’s home in California and complete some tasks for our family?  

A. Yes, Long World can help. Your Facilitator can travel anywhere in the U.S. and perform many types of duties related to putting your Loved One’s home to rest. We can collect important documents, attempt to locate sentimental items, pick up pets, and arrange for the sale antiques or heirlooms.

Remember that a small project outside of Chicago that takes three days to complete will cost the same as a project that takes seven days to complete.

Q. My grandmother passed away, and our family cannot decide what to do with the home she left us. Most of us live in Chicago, but the home is in Florida. Some family members want to keep the home in the family while others want to sell it. Meanwhile, the home is falling into disrepair. Can Long World help?

A. While Long World is not equipped to mediate discussions among family members, we can help prepare your Loved One’s home for a long rest so that it is in the best shape possible when your family makes a final decision. For example, we can remove perishable items, find new homes for pets left behind, secure windows and doors, locate and repair any small problems that could lead to serious damage, and establish recurring care.

We can also handle time sensitive matters such as locating and shipping valuables to you and scanning and emailing important pieces of mail and other documents needed to close your Loved One’s estate.

Q. My Loved One had severe problems with hoarding. The last time I saw the house, I was overwhelmed by its pests and garbage. Can Long World help?

A. Yes, Long World can help. As advocates of personal freedom, the presence of large collections of belongings and/or other alternative household environments do not intimidate us. Removing garbage and arranging exterminators as discretely and respectfully as possible is one of our specialties.

Q. My Loved One collected antiques. While I believe everything in the house is valuable, my Facilitator doesn’t think so.  

A. Every Long World Facilitator has over 20 years of antiquing experience. Your Facilitator will do his/her best to accurately designate valuable items for consignment, auction, or an estate sale and is never too proud to seek a second or third opinion when necessary.

Finally, you are under no obligation to follow your Facilitator’s advice. If you and your Facilitator disagree about the value of an item, the item will be removed from sale.  

Q. I am very busy and cannot guarantee a daily 20-minute phone check in with my Facilitator. Is that OK?

A. This is a unique, unpredictable business. For that reason, we want to make sure that the Facilitator can communicate progress and snags and efficiently navigate time-sensitive matters. Therefore, we cannot forgo the daily phone check in, though we may be able to reduce its length. For more extensive, uncomplicated jobs, it may be possible to limit the phone meetings to every other day. Remember that you, the Client, chooses the time/times of these phone meetings.  

If you cannot make your daily phone check in, the Facilitator reserves the right to make time-sensitive decisions that may or may not be consistent with your wishes. (We will, however, try our best.)


Q. I was very close to my Loved One, and this whole process is emotionally exhausting for me. Can my Long World Facilitator decide which of her items to sell and which to donate?

A. If you wish to remove yourself from this process, we understand. Your Facilitator will use his/her expertise to decide which items to sell, to donate, or to dispose of. Your Facilitator will nonetheless provide you with a before and after video and documents detailing donated and sold items for your perusal when you are ready to do so. And you will, of course, still receive tax documents for donated items and all proceeds from sold belongings.  

Q. My brother and I both want to be the Long World Facilitator’s contact person. Is that possible?

A. For the sake of efficiency, each family should designate only one contact person. While the initial selection may be a difficult choice for a family, we find that operating in a one-on-one environment is most conducive to maintaining a peaceful, productive relationship.  

Q. My Loved One’s house needs a great deal of repairs. Does my Facilitator have electrical, plumbing, or construction expertise?

A. While Facilitators do not have direct experience in advanced labor fields like plumbing or construction, we are able to hire and direct professionals from your Loved One’s city. Your Facilitator uses the Improvement Allowance to pay these bonded and insured workers. Please keep in mind that you designate what will and will not be repaired, as your Facilitator’s job is to carry out your wishes.   

Q. My Aunt passed away and left us a modest one-bedroom condo in Florida. She did not have many possessions, and therefore, we think that a Facilitator could put the condo to rest in three days or less. Does Long World handle jobs this small? Can we simply pay the Facilitator for a few days of work?

A. Our experience facilitating the disposition of property and possessions tells us that smaller assignments most often require the same intensity, detail work, and length of time as large. As a result, we’ve settled on the flat fee of $7,000, which covers seven days of work outside of Chicagoland.  

Q. Our family wants to hire Long World to clean out our Grandfather’s house, but we do not have the funds to pay the fee upfront. Can we pay Long World after we settle his estate?

A. Long World is not able to pay the upfront costs associated with putting a home to rest. We can only begin jobs that are fully funded before the scheduled start date.

Still wondering if Long World can help? Contact us. 

No-fee, no-commitment consultations are also available by Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime.




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