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Your Loved One's Belongings

You decide the final destination of your Loved One’s belongings.


We do our best to locate and scan the documents you will need to close your Loved One’s Estate.


We organize, log, and photograph items that may have monetary value.


We can pack and transport almost anything to you, from a few select boxes of photos and sentimental items to a fully stocked moving truck.


We can set up a storage unit to house your Loved One's belongings.  


We can arrange private sales, consignment, or an estate sale on your Loved One’s property. You keep all of the proceeds. 


We can donate designated items such as canned goods, office supplies, clothes, and furniture to organizations in your Loved One’s neighborhood. We specialize in directly donating to people in need.


We remove refuse and perishable items and can upcycle, recycle, and/or discard well used or broken items, all at your discretion. We also dispose of household chemicals, and paint.

Scan and digitize

We can sort and scan family photos and digitize movies and audio recordings. 

Handle sensitive items

Under your direction, we can discreetly store, ship, shred, or dispose of your Loved One’s private documents and belongings. We handle all sensitive belongings without judgement. 

Hug & Pet
If there are pets inside the home, we will treat them like part of the family until loving future homes can be found. We can even transport pets to your home in person.

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