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We specialize in putting a deceased or transitioning person's home to rest. 

Humans deserve to grieve in peace.

After losing a Loved One, we are often called to complete the emotionally and physically trying task of putting our lost Loved One's home to rest. This undertaking presents an unwelcome strain on our family, career, and life commitments. After a loss, isn't it best to stay at home, surrounded by friends and family? 

Long World can help.

We specialize in completing the tasks associated with putting a Loved One’s property to rest so that you can grieve in the peace and quiet of your own home. 

Long World can

  • sell valuables and everyday belongings 

  • donate unsold belongings to people in need

  • scan photos, slides, letters, and documents

  • digitize family movies and audio tapes

  • ​pack, ship, or transport belongings to a new home or storage facility 

  • empty storage units 

  • make or arrange household repairs, freshen the yard, and clean the property

  • care for pets and plants left behind

  • stage the property for real estate showings

  • shred documents; dispose of chemicals and paint; and recycle metal, paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, and obsolete electronics 

  • dispose of well loved or broken items  

Long World is a small family business. 

Pamela Martin, Long World's founder, is present from start to finish on each job.   

 consultations are available anytime through Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, or telephone. 

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