Pamela and Evan, you are Lifesavers! Over several days over you gracefully addressed and moved out 50 years worth of accumulation from my mother's house. Anything that needed doing, you did it. Your skill at managing multiple projects to completion, (cleaning to donations, sales to staging, and your ability to find new homes/purposes for 95% of the things there) made a huge difference for me and saved perfectly good items from going to the the landfill. Your services were essential for my well being in this transition. THANK YOU!

-Sarah, Chicago (Facebook)

When we got the shocking news that our family member had died suddenly in Chicago we had to spring into action. I got a reference to Long World Services. 

Right away we knew we were in good hands. Pamela’s help sun-setting our sister’s apartment was invaluable, bordering on the miraculous. A partial list of what she did: arrange for and work with vendors for the services we needed to clean the condo, organize all of the items in the apartment in Dropbox folders for us to review and so we could determine how to dispose of the items such as give to family members, sell at auction, donate, send to us, take items to family members in the Chicago area, send some items directly to us. In short Pamela was there to help in any way needed and sometimes in ways we hadn't even thought of. She approached each task lovingly, empathetic and professionally. We would highly recommend Long World Services if you need help closing a home of a loved one who has passed away.

-Rene, California (Facebook)

Pamela and Evan and team are wonderful. They helped clean out my sister’s home after she passed away. They are so kind and compassionate and communicate so well. They took care of everything from cleaning her home, delivering donations, delivering items and furniture to family members and finding auction houses. They helped us get through the process seamlessly. I highly recommend them to help get things in order after the loss of a loved one.

-Lisa, Chicago (Google My Business)

Pamela and Evan made this whole process so easy for me, especially since I was not in town for most of the time. I received daily updates and photos of relevant documents and personal items.

Pamela was literally available to me at anytime. Even with our time difference, she was prompt in responding to any questions or concerns that came up along the way. They went above and beyond in every measurable way. I can sincerely recommend them in the highest esteem. Kind, considerate, and compassionate every step of the way. Professional and courteous, as well.

-Jeffrey, California (Google My Business)

As a funeral director, I'm asked about services to help families handle the tasks of organizing and disposition of a loved ones belongings.  If it's not an immediate family member, where do you begin?  What's there? If I make a referral, if things are not to the family's approval, it looks bad on our firm.  I took a risk on a loose referral from a friend in home health care. Not only was the feedback from the family extremely positive but Pamela showed up at the funeral home to personally deliver belongings that the family wanted displayed during the celebration of life for their loved one. The family made special mention of the organization and detail they were given. I've since referred Long World and receive only the highest of feedback. I'm proud to refer a firm that I know will show the respect and details the families deserve.

-Michael, Chicago (Yelp)

I met with Pamela this past weekend for a consultation. I am considering relocating my elderly parent with dementia and needed ideas on how to organize and sell belongings my mother is no longer using. Pamela was attentive and listened with compassion. She has an understanding that this process is usually filled stress, grief and emotional hardship for the family. Pamela was extremely detailed, knowledgeable and organized. She was able to generate several options and ideas for selling or reusing items right on the spot. Pamela's approach transformed my process-instead of long, tedious and unmanageable, her suggestions gave quick, efficient solutions that took most of the work out of the organizing and selling process. Although I am not at the point of moving my mom just yet, I will definitely call on Pamela’s services when my mom is ready to make the move.

-Bernadette, Chicago (Facebook)

Pamela did a wonderful job of taking so much weight off my shoulders. We recently consolidated two homes into one, and had to leave many of our belongings behind when we moved out. Pamela knew just what to do with the items, and was able to sell or donate much of it. Trying to do that myself would have been a Herculean task, and I was able to focus on moving my items and settling into the new house. She was always reassuring and eased my mind. Thank you!!

-Mary, Hinsdale, IL (Google My Business) 

I have worked with Pamela and Long World Services for the Living on multiple projects. We have shared clients who first downsized and then were packed and moved to a smaller home. That’s where Long World has come in and cleaned out my clients home getting it not only emptied, but cleaned and ready for closing! Pamela has provided my clients with this invaluable service. Pamela is such an honest and trustworthy person to provide a clean out for the home of clients who have downsized and moved or for families who have had a loved one pass away. I have been very impressed with her work and resourcefulness in helping clients sell, donate or gift their belongings that have been left behind. She and her partner Evan work very hard to finish timely, but with sensitivity and care. She turns over all money earned from sales of clients belongings to the client. This means she charges a fee for her Clean-out services, but the client earns the full sales amount. She is honest and upfront if items do not have a good resale value, which is important to know. It is a very fair and upfront way to do business. I highly recommend Pamela and Long World Services.

Lisa Joy Rosing, Owner of Joy of Downsizing, Chicago (Facebook)