• The Client must have the legal authority to hire a Long World Facilitator (that is, the Client must be an executor, a trustee, an administrator, an agent, or possess power of attorney). The Client may elect a third party--for example, a sibling, friend, or grown child--to be the Long World Facilitator's official contact person. 

  • If a Loved One has multiple beneficiaries, all parties must sign the General Service Agreement before the Facilitator can begin cleaning out the deceased Loved One's home. 

  • One Facilitator is assigned to one Client. The Facilitator is unable to communicate with the Loved One’s other friends and family members, even those approved by the Client.

  • Long World Facilitators hold general liability insurance.

  • While Long World Facilitators can help vet real estate agents, Facilitators are unable to list or sell a Loved One's property.  

  • Clients keep 100% of the proceeds from their Loved One's sold, consigned, or auctioned valuables. (All sales are authorized by the Client.)

  • Contact a Long World Facilitator for a copy of the General Service Agreement.



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