Step by Step

While every situation is unique, here is a typical step-by-step summary: 

STEP ONE: Discuss the job & develop an estimate

The Client contacts Long World and meets with a Facilitator remotely or in person. 

The Client tells the Facilitator about the Loved One’s property, providing information about the size and location of the home, types and number of rooms, approximate amount of belongings, and prospective plans for the Loved One’s property. As the Loved One’s storage and home care history can influence how long a project will take the Facilitator to complete, detailed information about the home helps the Facilitator estimate the length and price of the job.

Next, the Client and Facilitator discuss the tasks. Then, they agree on a rough estimate of how long it will take for the Facilitator to put the home to rest. 

Please see the cost section of the website for an outline of charges.

STEP TWO: Review legal documents 

After determining a start date, the Client reviews and signs a General Service Agreement and Right of Entry form. 

STEP THREE: Transfer payment to Long World

The Client transfers a payment to Long World covering the Facilitator’s fees.


STEP FOUR: Review the Loved One’s home 

The Client meets the Facilitator at the Loved One's home remotely or in person. 

The Facilitator and Client survey and document the state of the home together. 

The Facilitator provides a confirmation of the originally determined project length or an updated estimate based on the findings from this first home review. 

STEP FIVE: Put the home and belongings to rest

The Facilitator’s paid work begins after the Facilitator and Client review the home together (that is, after step four is finished). 

The Facilitator can 

  • arrange yard cleanup and yard maintenance

  • secure the property

  • perform or schedule household repairs

  • clean 

  • organize, log, and photograph items that may have sentimental or monetary value 

  • ship, store, or transport items 

  • donate designated items

  • arrange a buyout, consignment, or an estate sale 

  • remove refuse and perishable items 

  • locate and scan necessary documents 

  • organize, store, ship, or dispose of private/confidential belongings

  • care for, place, or transport pets 

  • transform the home into an Airbnb 

STEP SIX: Documentation

When the project is finished, the Client receives one comprehensive report detailing Long World’s work (including home inspection, photos of repairs, and tax donation forms).

Before leaving the Loved One’s home, the Facilitator provides one final video—that is, an “After” summary—documenting the current state of the home.

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